Version 1.2.0: September 12, 2006

Version 1.2.0: General Improvements and Enhancements

More Flexible Crew-to-Race Assignment

In the case of exhibition crews or crews, for any reason, being allowed to row outside their regularly assigned race, the crew assignment menu now allows crews to be assigned to races not in their event.

Crew Sorting Options

For  convenience when creating masters races, age sorting is now provided. To aid in properly seeding crews across multiple heats, seed sorting is also now enabled.


Placing Override

A new editable place column has been added to the results editor. It allows the overriding of the computed order of placing.


Custom Racing Crew Report Comment

A new custom comment field for each racing crew is available. I appears on result reports.

New Race Results Readiness Status Icons

To help track the readiness status of results for each race, the race icons have been customized to show the completeness the results, all the races being edited, the current race, and completed-and-final race results.

Assigning Bow Numbers for Crews in Selected Races

For regattas with both head and sprint style races intermixed in the race schedule, only the head races require the assignment of head-style sequential bow numbers. A new menu option now appears when multiple races are selected on the Race Schedule Navigator tab. Itassigns bow numbers to only the crews in the races selected:


Logo Import Wizard

A logo import wizard is now available from the regatta object's context menu:


Sanitize Regatta Personal Information

To enable the sharing of sample regattas, a feature to scramble sensitive personal and organizationl information stored in the regatta has been added. Athlete names, contact information and organizational references referenced throughout the regatta are replaced. Two method are available for name replacements:

  1. replace the names with those mined from the humorous Car Talk Credits or
  2. replace with scrambled existing names.

Option 2 randomly switches the female first names, then the male first names, then randomly reassigns the last names to the whole athete and contact pool.


New Results Split Import Feature


New Results Import Wizard

Regatta Workbench now can import results files produced by FinishLynx and XNote.

To invoke the wizard, use the cascading menu that's part of the race editor's toolbar to select the type of file to import and which timing station/milestone along the course applies for the data in this file:


On the first wizard page, browse for or manually enter the path of the file to import. Once a valid file is entered, the file will automatically be loaded, parsed and the results in it are analyzed. If all goes well, the Next button will be enabled. Once the file has been successfully imported, it will be added to the drop down history to streamline the import process where the same file is continuously updated and re-imported:



Workbench selects new and changed splits for import and allows the user to change the automated selection decision by manually checking or unchecking the individual split records:

  • Plus icon: a new split was found --- a split that was not already imported.
  • Delta icon: a changed split was found --- a split that is different in value between the one already stored in Regatta Workbench and the imported value.
  • Equals icon: a split already imported was found.
  • Question/Exclamation icon: an exception occurred when attempting to import this split. File format issues, unidentified bow numbers, unresolvable/unassigned bow numbers, etc. The comment field is for explaining the issue found.
  • Only checked splits get imported. 



After the finish button is pressed, updates are made to the appropriate crews results.