Developer Info

  1. The RML file contain some strange looking URLs that look like references. How do I interpret them in my application?

    These are references from one element to another. It allows a single athlete to be referenced multiple times, rather than replicating the athlete data in each crew (and in other places where the athlete is used). You don't need to go anywhere outside of the RML to resolve these references. All the data is within the RML file.

    In this example, the member attribute named "athlete" references an athlete listed in one organization's roster.

    <member athlete="//@organization.17/@athlete.6" seatRC="1" />

    The reference to the athlete in the organization's roster can be resolved like this:

    1. The double slash means goto the root element of the XML tree. In this case, the regatta element
    2. Look for the elements within regatta named organization. Scan for the 18th one (17+1: it uses a 0-based index, like Java and C).
    3. Within this organization, find the athlete elements. Scan for the 7th one (6+1).
    4. You've resolved the reference to the athlete.

    As an aside, Workbench uses the ordering of the members within the crew to determine the seat assignment. The "seatRC" attribute is for reference as archival information as it was captured originally and download from on RegattaCentral.

  2. What development tools do I need to contribute code or new reports to the project?

    Regatta Workbench is developed using free, open source development tools. If you wish to extend or change Regatta Workbench, I recommend the use of Eclipse. Workbench is built out of purely Eclipse plugins and there is no better or more cost effective tool for developing Eclipse plugin, than to use Eclipse.

    Because Workbench is built on many open standards, development can take place using many different tools and languages. For example, because RML is an XML language, any tools and languages that support XML can manipulate the regatta information managed by Workbench.

  3. What tools and languages were used to develop Regatta Workbench?

    Regatta Workbench is a pure Java application, and it's foundation is the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Many other open source libraries were also used to develop Workbench, including, JasperReports, many Jakarta Commons components, the Eclipse Modeling Framework, Jakarta Tomcat, and many others.